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For Dentists

Top 5 Advantages of Immediate Load Implantation for Dentists and Implantologists


1. Lower costs = more clients

Most clients care about costs, so they take a look around before making a decision regarding their dental treatments. As Immediate Load Implantation saves bone augmentation, you will be able to offer very competitive pricing.

2. Lower risks = more clients

Many patients may suffer comorbidities such as diabetes or osteoporosis. Some are heavy smokers. They know of these additional risk factors and are relieved to find a notably safer alternative. The fact that their ailments do not pose any additional risks to the Immediate Loading procedure makes it much more attractive for otherwise high risk patients.

3. Shorter treatment time = more clients

If you were presented with two offers for a new set of teeth, with one needing months to complete and the other just a few days, which would you prefer? Immediate Load Implantation does not require any sort of bone augmentation, a practice that is lengthy, uncomfortable and expensive. Your patients will appreciate this and choose the safer, faster and more affordable treatment method.

4. High success rates = more clients

A well trained Immediate Load Implantologist reaches a 98-99 % long term success rate. One significant reason is the complete lack of peri-implantitis around Immediate Load Implants. This results in far fewer complications, less complicated aftercare, fewer cost complaints, credible figures and easily communicatable prognosis.

5. Transparent offer = more clients

Most prostpective clients shop around for price quotes before settling for an offer. It is vitally important to offer a clear, consice treatment and payment plan. When compared to painful, lengthy and expensive traditional implantology, our Immediate Loading Implantology method is so much faster, safer, convenient and affordable. Honestly, which procedure would you choose for yourself and your family?


Dr. Stefan Ihde on his Immediate Load Implantation


I have been developing devices and technology for a patient friendly dental implantology.
The efforts have been successful:


  • Today we are able to provide implant treatment for almost every patient, regardless of the bone situation and practically regardless of accompanying diseases
  • This is possible without bone buildup, solely by utilizing the available bone in a clever way.
  • Even smokers are treated with identical success rates since my technology avoids bone buildup procedures.
  • Our technology avoids the cost and time investment of risky bone buildup procedures and leads to a quick result: securely fixed teeth.
  • We offer all patients the necessary lifetime check ups for adjustments of the bridges to changing function.
  • No medical treatment can give guarantees, since success also depends on the patient’s physical reaction and general cooperation in aftercare. However, I have come to the conclusion that when used correctly, our technology leads to predictably safe and effective results in effectively all cases. The results are durable. This has been proven in several prospective and retrospective studies.
  • Our technology requires extensive training and a complete change of mindset for the treatment provider. Since my capacity for teaching is limited, the number of trained implantologists is still small, but constantly growing. I assume that the publication of my textbooks in various languages will support my efforts to spread the technology. This will make quick implantological services available to more patients at an affordable price. Training is available only in specialized centers. In these centers treatment can be performed under my direct supervision, or by me personally.


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Dr. Stefan Ihde

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