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Success Rate

Six Facts about the Development of Immediate Loading Implantology by Dr. Stefan Ihde:


  1. 1. Fixed teeth on implants with in a maximum of three days
  2. 2. Clinical success rate of practically 100%
  3. 3. Over 20.000 implantations by Dr. Stefan Ihde
  4. 4. Patients treated in over 40 countries
  5. 5. 100% of patients were saved the tedious and expensive process of bone augmentation
  6. 6. Even heavy smokers and patients with severe comorbidities were successfully treated

Dr. Stefan Ihde, Medical Scientist
Head of Dental Implants Faculty der International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany

“For me implantology begins where others have given up.”


Survival rates of conventional dental implants appear relatively high in normal, healthy bone. But this approach has considerable drawbacks, including high costs, the accumulation of surgical risks and delayed time to loading. The entire treatment process is prone to peri-implantitis, a dangerous infection that appears in many cases and leads to full implant failure or significant loss of life quality in affected patients. Certain subgroups are at an even greater risk of implant failure. In particular, patients with compromised quantity or quality of bone present a significant challenge to the dental implantologist. The Immediate Loading Implantology method developed by a team of experienced implantologists around the world, and guided by Dr. Stefan Ihde, has addressed these limitations successfully. The result of these combined efforts is a new dental implantology method that is much easier and safer. It is now available in many countries around the globe.

What defines Immediate Loading (Strategic) Implantology is the complete absence of bone augmentation procedures combined with implants and equipment specifically designed for the purpose of anchoring in stable cortical bone areals. Cortical bone has much better mechanical properties and exists in adequate quantities in practically every patient. Inserting Immediate Loading implants into the cortical bone allows for a fast procedure with far less complications, since the main cause of problems of conventional dental implantology is completely omitted. Infections common in conventional methods are effectively nonexistent in Immediate Loading (Strategic) Implantology, even in patients suffering general diseases that ordinarily would exacerbate infection or severely limit treatment options. This results in a completely unparalleled success rate of 98,2%.

Individual case success depends – more than anything – on the experience of the treatment provider. The demand for teaching strategic implantology increases every year.




The First president of the Ukraine L.M. Kravchuk awarded Dr Ihde the title of “Honorary Embassador of Ukraine” in December 2011 on the 1st Bicortical Symposium in Kiev, Ukraine.