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Do you want to smile and chew now?

  • This Swiss implant system has a long-term success rate of 98,2%
  • Fixed bridges on implants in max. 3 days
  • There is no need of painful bone graft, sinus lift or any bone augmentation
  • IMMEDIATELY applicable to 99% of patients. (even diabetics, smokers, people with osteoporosis)

For me implantology starts where others gave up

Dr. Stefan Ihde

Do you have any of the following problems?

Information for Implantologists

Dr. Stefan Ihde during 15 years of reasearch developed a superior dental implant treatment technology and devices. With this technology even the most diffi cult cases are treated fast, safely, and effectively .

This technology works faster and more reliable than traditional techniques. Even “diffi cult” or “hopeless” cases can receive help quickly. His patients receive fi xed bridges on implants within max. 3 days. With the help of this technology he can even treat patients with general diseases (e.g. diabetics) and smokers. Bone buildup procedures are not necessary if his technolgy is applied.

With the help of this technology he is able to treat almost 100% of the cases in a procedure which has “fi xed teeth” as a result within three days. Typically the dangerous infection around implant (called: “peri-implantitis”) is not found aroung the implants. His technology avoids bone buildups and bone transplants which anyway nobody wants.
By avoiding these procedures, you will get your fi xed teeth faster with lower costs.



Cookbook Mastication

Introduction into the Work with the Strategic Implant® Definitions, General Explanations and Treatment Planning
– Ihde & Ihde

Order this Book Available in: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Spanish

Cookbook Mastication

Cookbook Mastication – 2nd Edition How to make patients chew successfully (not only) on a Strategic Implant®
– Ihde & Ihde

Order this Book Available in: English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian and Spanish

Cookbook LabWork

Lab work on the Strategic Implant® – A Guideline for Dental Technicians
– Marková, Mitrushchenkov, Ihde & Ihde

Order this Book Available in: English, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and German