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Top 5 advantages of Immediate Load Implantation for dentists


1. Lower costs = more clients

Most clients do care about costs, so they take a look around before making a decision about their dental treatments. As Immediate Load Implantation saves bone augmentation, your offer will be a tempting offer among all the others.

2. Risk factors = more clients

If your prospective clients have diabetes, suffer from osteoporosis or are simply a smoker, sooner or later they will realize these as risk factors for their implantations. The fact, that they are not risk factors anymore due to Immediate Load Implantation, it will soothe them and they will become your clients.

3. Shorter treatments = more clients

If you would get two offers for your smile-makeover, one taking months to completion, and the other only 5 days, which one would you prefer? With Immediate Load Implants you won’t need bone augmentations to fulfill your clients’ needs. They will prefer you for that.

4. Success rates = more clients

A well trained Immediate Load Implant dentist is able to reach a 98-99 % long term success rate. It is simply because peri-implantitis doesn’t appear around Immediate Load Implants. It results in fewer complaints, less complaint in costs and easily communicatable credibility figures.

5. Tempting offer = more clients

As we know that most of our clients will ask for more offers, it is essential to give them a tempting one. They will get traditional offers with painful bone augmentations, lasting for months or more than a year, being more expensive combined with more inconvenience. And they will get an Immediate Load Implantation offer, which is completed within maximum 5 days, for lower costs. Honestly which one would YOU choose?


Dr. Stefan Ihde about his Immediate Load Implantation


I have been developing devices and technology for a patient-friendly technology of dental implantology.
The efforts have been successful:


  • Today we are able to treat almost every patient with dental implants, regardless of the bone situation and almost regardless of accompanying diseases
  • This all is possible without bone buildup, solely by utilizing the available bone in a clever way.
  • Also smokers may be treated with the same chance of success, because my technology avoids bone buildup procedures.
  • Our technology avoids costs and time and the risks of bone buildup procedures and it leads to a quick result,- i.e. to fixed teeth.
  • Nevertheless all patients have to be under lifetime control to enable necessary adjustments of the bridges to the changing function.
  • No technology for treating life patients is 100% safe in all daces and in all details. I have come to the conclusion however, that our technology leads (if used correctly) to safe and effective results. The results are durable. This has been proven in several prospective and retrospective studies.
  • Unfortunately our technology requires intense training and a complete change of mindset for the treatment provider. Since my capacity for teaching is limited, the number of trained implantologists is still small, but constantly growing. I assume that the appearance of the second textbook (issued in 2010 in English and Russian language) will support my efforts to spread the technology. This will make quick implantological services available to more patients at an affordable price.Training is available only in specialized centers. In those centers,- on your demand- , treatments can be performed under my direct supervision or your plant placement procedure can be performed by me.

To make a long story short, when I meet dentists, who use our Immediate Load Implantation system for years now, I ask them “How is it going?”. They usually take their wallets out and say “I have to show you something.” And I always expect them to show me their little kids or something in that direction. But instead I get pictures of newly bought estates, expensive cars and yachts. It happens to me all the time.
You are invited to come to a satisfactory treatment result right away and avoid unnecessary detours.

Dr. Stefan Ihde

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