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How does it work?

David’s story in 8 steps

1. David is 56. He loses some teeth. And 3 more are already moving.
2. He goes to a dentists and he is being told:
David, you need implants and bone grafting. The process will take at least a year and costs 70.000 €
3. Furthermore, David realizes that since he has diabetes and is a smoker, the risks of the bone graft and the implantation is very high.
4. He is disappointed and worried. How will he eat and smile in the future? And where could he get 70k for that treatment? And what if it doesn’t succeed?
5. In his desperation, David starts a Google search to find a reasonable alternative.
6. Finally he finds Dr. Ihde’s videos on the net. He collects information and sets an appointment.
7. He gets his implants within 1 day and leaves the clinic 3 days later with his white and strong teeth and immediately eats a juicy beef steak.
8. David is a typical patient for Dr. Stefan Ihde. Actually he chews and smiles with his teeth for 9 years. Just like Russel:

“What I can say about my immediate load implants, is that the only thing I missed during the last 11 years
were all my control check-up appointments, because everything is fine with my implants.”

Russell Ellis,
Sidmouth, Devon, UK


So how does immediate load implantation work?


Dental implants are artificial roots for teeth. Imagine it as a screw that is screwed into the jaw bone.

Traditional (2 phase) implantation uses cancellous bones to fixate the implants. In most cases, that bone layer absorbs with the years or with diseases like osteoporosis. Immediate load implantation is about using the cortical bones underneath those cancellous bones.


Advantages of cortical bone implantation:


  1. It is a long term solution. Cortical bones are stabile, they don’t absorb. That is why it is being used in traumatology for decades.
  2. You don’t need a bone graft. Nor sinus lift, nor any bone augmentation process. Since it is stabile, it is always there to use.
  3. High success rate. There is a dangerous infection risk around traditional implants called peri-implantitis. It is a painful disease, which finally leads to implant exposure.

Immediate Load implantation has a success rate of 98.2 %, inter alia due to the fact that peri-implanitis doesn’t appear around the implants.

Your search is over

If the story on the top of the page seems familiar to you, it is time to send us a letter with your case in detail. And – after you have gotten your appointment – within 5 days you’ll get your strong teeth back. You’ll be free to smile and free to chew.

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