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Success Rate

6 facts about the man behind Immediate Load Implantation


  1. 1, Fixed bridges on implants within max. 3 days.
  2. 2, Clinical succes rate near 100%
  3. 3, More than 20.000 successful implantations
  4. 4, Patients from more than 40 countries received treatment.
  5. 5, 100 % of his patients got treated immediately without bone graft.
  6. 6, Even people with diabetes or osteoporosis and heavy smokers are treated with the same success rate.


Dr. Stefan Ihde, medical scientist,
Chairman of the International Implant Foundation

“For me implantology starts, where others have given up.”


During his 15 years of research, Dr. Ihde has developed a superior dental implant treatment technology. With his Immediate Load Implantation system, even the most diffi cult cases can be treated fast, safely, and effectively.

Immediate Load Implantation technology works with a higher reliability than traditional techniques. Even “difficult” or “hopeless” cases can receive help quickly. Dr. Ihde’s patients receive fixed bridges on implants within max. of 3 days. With the help of this technology, he can even treat patients suffering from general diseases (e.g. diabetes, osteoporosis) and smokers.
Bone buildup procedures are not necessary, in case his technology is applied.

With Immediate Load Implantation, he is able to treat almost 100% of the cases in a procedure, which has “fixed teeth” as a result within three days. Typically, the dangerous infection around one implant (called: “peri-implantitis”) is not found around.


The First president of the Ukraine L.M. Kravchuk gave Dr. Ihde the title “the honorary embassador of Ukraine” in december 2011 on the “1st bicortical Symposium in Kiev, Ukraine.