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Sawant Suhas testimonial small

I really want to thank you for the excellent treatment and care provided to me during the full mouth restoration. You have shown extra-ordinary skills in the procedures to minimise the pain and speeding up the recovery. I was pleasantly surprised to have a normal full meal, without any issues, just five days after the implants were placed.

My wife Reshma and I enjoyed your company at the dinner at the excellent seafront Restaurant.

Looking forward to seeing you for the Control Appointment.

Suhas Sawant

Ellis Russel testimonial small


What I can say about my immediate load implants, is that the only thing I missed during the last 11 years were all my control check-up appointments, because everything is fine with my implants.

Russell Ellis,
Sidmouth, Devon, UK



Stefan, we are wishing you every creative and personal successes! You are doing a great Job. And in humans this always causes resistance and aggression, because a successful man is a mirror in which the majority of people can see their inconsistency . And this is a very painful feeling. Because every successful man goes the way of Jesus in one or another form. And in order to remain out of reach for the counter ingratitude, a successful person must practice stalking – be unpredictable … and it is very difficult – both full disclosure and complete unpredictability.
Unfortunately those who went ahead, rarely receive adequate assessment of their work. This is how people are done. If you want to be treated kindly by the authorities and the people you need to go on about it, bend, adjust …. and if you move forward, then very quickly find yourself alone – forward are always going the loners, who remain alone even among their closest pupils …

Aleksander A.


I would like to thank you for the easiest implant system I ever practice in my live. I used KOS and BCS and they are a straight-forward implants where any doctor who has little experience with any implant system can practice the system easily. I have read the booklet and it was helpful. In fact I gave a live hands-on-training to my orthodontist colleague and he was so surprised how fast he finished the implant in just minutes!! I am inviting more colleagues to learn and start practise Ihde-implants in their clinics. I wish you have a marketing manager in UAE in near future as I had tried the online order before but unfortunately I didn’t get any reply.
Hope to meet with you one day.

Dr. Ahmed. AL H.
UAE, Abudhabi
Dear Dr Ihde,
I’m an oral surgeon from Mumbai india and have been following your work since a while.
Brilliant and fantastic is all I can say.
Is there a course coming up where you train dentists to do such implants?
Eagerly awaiting to hear from you.

Dr Gautam Laud