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Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde
S. Resort 1
MNE-85315 Vrba-Tudorovici

All reports on treatments are referring to the typical (normal) patient case. Some events can’t be forseen or pre-diagnosed, such as unknown, residual infections within the jaw bones, unknown diseases of the patients, exacerbations of known diseases of the patients, unknown allergies or unexpected reactions, changes in the positions of the lower jaw and/or the mandibular joints. Stress and other factors may influence treatment results and lead to the necessity of further or longer treatments. In a typical case the complete chewing function is set up new, and it may take a while until a patient feels well with the new situation. In all cases regular adjustments of the occlusal and masticatory situation are required and the wear of softer restauration-materials must be compensated by adding material it order to maintain the vertical dimension.

I also want to point out that the patients' report on pain felt during the treatment can differ. Often identical treatments are reported to be completely painless, while other patients report (in practically the same clinical/medical situation) a lot of pain.

As a patient cannot guarantee that he/she heals well, a doctor can’t guarantee the success of any treatment.