Portraitfoto von Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde


Through his work, research and innovative mind, Prof. Ihde has touched countless lives around the world - patients, collegues, students - and changed them for the better.

Student Testimonials

Dr. Miguel Asenjo

"Prof. IHDE only talking with all colleague around the world I feel extremely HAPPY with Strategic Implant®. Certainly your knowledge is represented with my passion and commitment in this island - Dominican Republic. Thanks a lot. All the Best. IHDE FOREVER AND EVER."

Dr. Mohammad Abusharekh

"Today, we are starting a great step towards more professional work. Now we have multi-centers, we start a new administrative vision in managing our centers, much effort has been done to approach these great achievements. I am very grateful for your role and support which lead to these huge successes. You have affected my personal life besides my profession specially in Corticobasal® implantology. You are the greatest person whom I learned from. My gratitudes for your effort and advice. Deeply, I would like to thank you, Prof. Ihde, for all that you have done. Sincerely yours, your student Dr. Mohammad Abusharekh"

Dr. Mohammad Abusharekh and his team

Photo © Dr. Mohammad Abusharekh